How to Contact Paypal Customer Service

contact paypal customer servicePayPal is a global American online payment service provider company that offers various services to users. Based in California, United States PayPal offer various type of loans, debit cards, and credit card services and secured online payment gateway services as well. With over 255 million users from all around the world, they receive a lot of calls also. If you are one of those users who are facing issues with PayPal and don’t know How To Contact PayPal Customer Service follow these easy steps and get reliable support and assistance from the experts within no time.

  • Make sure that you are calling on a reliable number to increase the chances of getting instant solutions. In case of debit or card issues call on the number that is placed back on your card. To deliver the most reliable solution PayPal has various numbers for international clients.
  • PayPal support experts operate from 6 am to 6 pm pacific time. If you are calling them for debit and credit card fraud cases then call on the dedicated numbers to get instant assistance.
  • If you are unable to find out the official number visit PayPal official website and login to your PayPal, account after that click on the contact us option and then select call us option. When you select to call us then you will be redirected to another page with a number and unique code. Enter this code when prompted and speak to executives about your certain issues.
  • To provide the most secure experience to the users, PayPal is highly security conscious. So, always try to call from the registered number with the PayPal account. Don’t worry if you don’t have access to the registered number. You just need to answers some security check questions for instant support.

Certain Issues For Which Users Can Contact PayPal Customer Service!

PayPal has a massive network for the safest transaction include bill payments, money transfers, online payment gateways, and other payment services as well. With lots of reward points, and ease of payment facilities, users can face some sort of issues while making payments due to certain network issues or tech problems. If your experience is affected while making online payments Contact PayPal Customer Service and connect to the expert and dedicated team of experts. Some of the issues which can be resolved within no time are listed below:

  • Queries related to balance and specific payment transaction charges.
  • Issues with the refunds and compensations.
  • Identity fraud and theft issues,
  • Request for refunds
  • Assistance for account freeze issues.
  • Account change assistance and reports.
  • Several issues with credit, debit cards, and PayPal loans.

Apart from the above-listed issues most of the issues can be resolved easily by contacting PayPal customer service. Users can reach to them for verifying transactions, reviewing of account limits, and theft issues as well.

What Can’t It Be Resolved Even After Contacting PayPal Customer Service?

Sometimes users also didn’t get the answer for the queries even after Contacting PayPal Customer Service. According to the policies of PayPal if your account is linked to a third party bank account, debit, or credit card you can reach to us and we will help you in resolving these issues within the most secured and trusted manner.

So, if you have any issues while making online transactions and your account is linked to third party financial services then we the right choice for you. We make sure that you get instant solutions within no time with the help of our experts.